Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism – why choose India ?

Nearly half a million americans seek dental healthcare outside the US each year. The most common reason given is the high cost of dental care. Those who seek care abroad report an estimated savings of over 70% and receive high quality care at par with what is provided in their own country.

India is one of the most inexpensive places in the world for quality dental care. It is a well known medical tourism destination and we offer services at a fraction of what it would cost in your home country. Expats report that dental services here in India, especially Mumbai, are of the highest standards and very affordable. And what better place to recuperate, relax and unwind after your treatment than Incredible India?

India is a vast and beautiful tourist destination and there is truly something here for everyone. It is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines all the way from Kashmir up in the North to Kanyakumari right at the southern tip.

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Why should Dental Central be your dental healthcare provider here in India?

We are a well known and trusted dental clinic catering to both local and international patients on a daily basis. The following factors make us your first choice for dental treatment when you visit Mumbai.

  • Location: Dental Central is located in the heart of Mumbai in the queen of the suburbs – Bandra which is easily accessible from both the international and domestic airports.
  • Online Consultation: We offer online consults over video call or Skype from the comfort of your home - so that treatment planning can begin even before you arrive on Indian shores.
  • Cost Effective Treatment: Quality dental treatment can be availed of at Dental Central, at sometimes even upto one-tenth the prices in other countries. At Dental Central we use the latest material and technology - all at affordable rates.
  • World Class medical standards: Our dental clinic meets world class medical standards, be it sterilization protocols or the cutting edge technology used.
  • Experienced Clinicians: We have specialists for every aspect of the treatment plan. The key success factor is the skill , qualification and expertise of the dentist. All our specialists are well trained and abreast with the most recent in cutting edge dental technology.
Dental Treatment USA UK Australia India
Root Canal Treatment $1000 $350 $850 $132
Tooth Coloured Fillings $500 $250 $400 $36
Crown $1000 $1000 $1200 $150
Extraction $175 $130 $200 $37
Dental Implant $3500 $3500 $4500 $650
Veneers $1200 $875 $1700 $250
Complete Dentures $1650 $1900 $2500 $400
Teeth Whitening $800 $980 $800 $100
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